The Historic Dayton House

Thank You

All associated with the Historic Dayton House are deeply appreciative of the generosity bestowed upon this project by the many people who took ownership in the fulfillment of a dream, including workers, volunteers and members.

Thank you to those who have shared and continue to share with us the stories and memories relating to the families who resided in this home. Each story enriches our telling of the history of the Dayton House.

Thank you to the Target Foundation for its generous donations and support thoughout the project. Thank you for gifting us the George Dayton table, used frequently in our board room and always admired by tour guests. Your kindness is remembered each time we welcome guests into the home.

Thank you to Dayton family members who donated money throughout the project to help fund the costly restoration. The end result is beautiful and we thank you.

A special thank you to Bruce and Ruth Dayton, whose generosity is unparalleled; of course we thank you for the large monetary donations and art pieces for the home, but we are most grateful for your generosity of spirit, which allowed us to delve into this project with passion and enthusiasm. Your support will always be remembered.