The Historic Dayton House

Facility Use - Main Floor Rental

Historic Dayton House Main Floor Rental Policy

The Historic Dayton House offers a variety of uses for the facility, in an historic setting, for private and public events. The protection of these facilities and the delicate nature of the home's furnishings and collections require that guidelines be set for how each area can be used by rental parties. Attendance for all events is limited to pre-registration, invitation, and membership of the group renting the facility and is restricted to the areas identified on the rental agreement form. The number of guests may not exceed the maximum allowed for the rental area.


  • All alcoholic beverages consumed at the house will be purchased from the Historic Dayton House and served by volunteer or staff bartenders for the house.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the house in conjunction with a rental.
  • The Historic Dayton House reserves the right to eject persons or cancel events for failure to comply with the policy and violation will result in revocation of all rights and forfeiture of all monies paid.


  • The Historic Dayton House reserves the right of final approval of the caterer for food preparation.
  • Caterers hired for an event must be licensed.
  • Caterers are responsible for cleaning any items used for their purposes, including coffee servers and house china, and are responsible for removing their garbage to the on-site trash carts.

Clean Up

  • The house must be left in the condition in which it was rented.
  • The duration of the facility rental includes time needed for personal set up and clean up.
  • Caterers and/or renters are responsible for kitchen cleanup (refer to Caterers/Food).

Damage to Property

  • The renter, noted on the Rental Agreement Form, is responsible for any damage incurred during use of the facility and may be billed for costs resulting from damage to property.


  • We welcome the use of fish line, rubber bands, ribbon or string to attach decorations.
  • Due to the delicate nature of our antiques, woodwork, and wall coverings, we cannot allow tape, tacks, wire, or any other items that may mar surfaces.
  • Flowers and plants must be placed on a plastic liner before being set on any house surfaces.


  • Discounts are available to Sustaining, Patron Philanthropist, and Business Members.

Facilities Available

  • Main Floor

    • Group size is limited to a maximum of 60 guests for seated dinners and 100 guests for standing, hors d'oeuvre-type receptions.
  • Lawn and wrap-around porch

    • Porch use is restricted after 9 p.m. (refer to noise policy).
    • Use of the lawn is restricted, but may be allowed with prior, written permission.
    • The Historic Dayton House does not provide tents, tables, or chairs for outdoor activities. Set up and take down is the sole responsibility the renter and/or the rental company.
  • Guest Suites (Second Floor)

    • Second floor guest suites may be rented for overnight stays and dressing rooms for bridal parties.
    • Advance reservation is required and may be denied due to main floor events on the same date.


  • Meeting space will be made available, free of charge, for Historic Worthington, Inc. and its subcommittees, provided there is no prior commitment for the same space.
  • Frills Rental Rates include standard set up of tables, chairs, and linens (laundered by the  Historic Dayton House).
  • Rental rates may vary. Refer to the Main Floor Rental Contracts.

Hours Available

  • Available rental hours are 8:00 a.m-10:00 p.m. daily (Friday-Saturday 11:00 p.m. closing).
  • Hours are subject to change.  Hours may be negotiated and noted on the Rental Agreement form.

Movement of facility property

  • No Historic Dayton House equipment, exhibits, collections, furniture, or other property of the house shall be moved without express written permission, as specified in the Rental Agreement.


  • Out of respect for our neighbors and our overnight guests, porch use is restricted after 9 pm.
  • Acoustic music, only, is allowed on the porch until 9 pm. No amplifiers.
  • Violation of this policy which results in the disturbance of other guests or neighbors may require an additional fee used to compensate other guests and to restore customer and neighborhood relations.


  • Parking is provided free of charge in the designated areas.


Payment must be paid in full in advance.

  • The facility fee is due in advance.
  • Payment for a guest suite rental is due in advance.


  • Refunds will be given, less the confirmation deposit, when reservations are cancelled 5 days in advance of check-in.
  • Refunds will be given, less a $50 processing fee, when reservations are cancelled less than 5 days in advance of check-in.
  • Cancellation without notice requires full payment of facility fee.
  • The Historic Dayton House reserves the right to cancel any event in the case of extreme weather conditions or other perceived threat to guests, staff, facilities, or property. In such instances, all monies paid will be refunded in full or deferred as payment for the renter's next event.


  • Contact the office to set a rental date.
  • The office sends a confirmation letter/email and rental contract agreement.  Renter may request facility use policy.
  • The renter makes the required payment and retains confirmation letter/email for their records.


  • The Historic Dayton House is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


  • For the comfort of our guests and the protection of our historic house, we have a no open flame policy, so our entire house and property are smoke- and candle-free.
  • Ambient lighting is provided by the use of dimmer switches and antique lamps.
  • Smoke sensors throughout the house are extremely sensitive and smoking may trigger the alarm.
  • A $100 cleaning fee is billed for violation of this policy.

Supervision of Children

  • All children under 18 must be supervised by an adult for the duration of the event.
  • Children are not allowed access to the second floor without an adult present.


  • Guided tours are available but need to be scheduled in advance.
  • Tours may be available to groups meeting in the facility for a fee in addition to the rental fee.